Sunday, July 20, 2008

Video #26 - Tuscan wine Tour testimonials - summer 2008, part 2

Time for yet another video featuring the fantastic wine tour guests the past months. Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed ;)

Some news about the Tuscan Wine Year, '08:
For those of you who are wondering what is happening in the Tuscan wine regions this year... Unfortunately, '08 has been the year of the wine scandals, starting with Brunellogate that put a black cloud over the Vinitaly fair in Verona in April. The region is behaving a little chaotic at the moment and we are all attending official news on what is really going on. The attention shifted to Montepulciano for a short while as it was discovered that wineries were using grapes from outside of the region. Again, all has yet to be confirmed by the authorities and many speculations are perhaps leading to false rumours??
Weatherwise, the year thus far has proceeded within satisfactory parameters. Spring was in the sign of rain, and summer has so far been generous in sun hours. The green harvest (selection of grapes on the vines) is about to happen and the exciting season of the grape ripening is about to set in. So far, so good...

Tuscan Wine Tours Summer Testimonials - 2 from Rebecca Christophersen on Vimeo.