Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video #31 - Brunello solo IN ITALIA!!!

So, apparently the Brunello scandal is coming to some sort of end. Banfi was kind of cleared and has started selling again (for a much more detailed blog about the subject, do see:
Here's a little video from one of the wineries I like to visit during the wine tours, Le Chiuse, an organic farm and on this video we are hosted by Lorenzo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Very funny story from a Tuscan Wine Tour guest

This morning I received this email and I got the permission to post it on-line. It's really funny!!!

"Hi Rebecca
Hope you have recovered from a busy summer.
We had a great time with you and have made many recommendations for people to visit and have a tour - it made a fantastic day out and we learnt a great deal about Tuscan wines (now we scour the shelves of the local wine stores for Chianti Classico's)

Thought we should share a story with you from the evening of our tour!
Well...we were recommended a great restaurant in Florence and booked a table (The 4 may know it?)
Anyway - arrived and ordered from the menu - the wine list was extensive, however, having drunk great wine all day we decided to simply order a 1/2 carafe of the house red -
Well it turned up and was awful!
The restaurant was starting to get busy and a couple came to a table next to us...he was a flashy American and she was very 'City' from London. It seemed quite clear that it was a 'hot date and weekend away and that they were only in Florence for one thing!!
So, the waiter came to their table - they gave their order and the American then asked what the best wine they had was - the waiter told him that he had a 'super tuscan' from Ruffino...the one on the menu was a good year 2005, however, they had 4 bottles of 2003 in the cellar. This was ordered and away he went to get the wine.
As you can imagine, our ears pricked up and we started a conversation with them, telling them that we had heard that 2003 was a great year and that we had been drinking some good Super Tuscans during the day.
They were quite disinterested and did not pick up on the converstaion, prefering to gaze into each others eyes and play footsie under the table.
The wine arrived and they simply poured and drank, making no comment at all...very matter of fact etc.
So our main course arrived and their starter arrived. They quickly finished their starter and all of a sudden got up from the table and left the restaurant...Laura said...well they're in a hurry and we both laughed etc, then noticing the half full Super Tuscan bottle still left!
5 minutes passed. The waiters cleared the table, except for the wine.... then 10 minutes and we then started to joke about trying the bottle. 15 minutes later - much to my suprise, Laura then reached over, picked up the bottle and poured us both a glass...placing the bottle back on the table and telling me that it 'was a great waste' and we should 'just try it'.
We both sat savouring the wine when I saw Laura turn white!...the couple were coming back to their table! They sat down and their main course arrived - apparently they had gone outside for a cigarette!!...Well Laura went red!.. They hadn't a clue, just poured more wine into their glasses - didn't even blink! We finished our meal...called quickly for the bill and left!! - We've never left anywhere so quickly in all our lives....
So that's the Super Tuscan 2003 story!

Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes
Paul & Laura"