Friday, May 29, 2009

Biodynamic - the future of viticulture?

So, have you heard of "biodynamic" wines before???

You've surely heard of organic, shortly, biodynamic agricultre is sort of a step further from organic - in the direction of being "natural", that is.

In recent years there has been a search for more natural produces including wine, and vineyards are indeed sprayed with many interesting substances that the consumer often is not even aware of.

Basically, biodynamic agriculture follows certain cycles of nature and cosmos such as the moon and position of the planets. Sounds a bit like witch-craft, but actually ancient agriculture always followed the phases of the moon and somehow this knowledge was forgotten about during the industrial revolution in modern agriculture. Today this forgotten knowledge has been rediscovered, tested, and proved to improve farms without having to use any sorts of chemicals, so creating sostainable farms.