Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beautiful September

Beautiful September has come and the hot months can be forgotten until next year. My first reminder of September in Tuscany, is the hunters who wake (us) up early on Sept 1st inaugurating the hunting season with one too many a gunshot. They are hunting for small creatures at this time, like birds. Big game doesn't become huntable until November.

Apart from that, September in Tuscany is magical. The air is clear and clean, the fruits are maturing on the trees, especially the figs look so delicious. A local tradition is to serve Tuscan salami with fresh figs (one of those classical sweet and savoury combos like prosciutto and melon in the spring). The local cuisine this time of year is full of fresh vegetables, the tomato conserves have just been made or are in the making. There is abundance in every sense and it is wonderful to be part of.

Usually in September starts the grapeharvest. We're a bit behind this year due to a strange climate this summer. If you are planning a trip to Italy to see the harvest, my guess is that you're better off coming in mid October...