Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rick Steves at the Tuscan Wine School

Life in Tuscany is rather unpredictable, but it doesn't happen every morning that Rick Steves calls and says "hey Rebecca? - This is Rick Steves calling". Of course, right at that moment my little one was having a fit and was screaming his head off so I could hardly hear what Rick had to say. Luckily Rick had time to come to the wine school, so I packed the little one up and got into the car as soon as I could and drove into Siena just in time.
How exciting! Through all these years in the wine tourism sector I had always hoped to meet Rick one day...and now the day had come!
The Tuscan Wine School is already in the 2011 guides, but he had come to verify all the inserts in his book.
Rick sat in on a little part of our Italian Wine Class and tried some Prosecco di Valdobbiadene that we serve as a welcome to the school. Of course, he couldn't stay for the whole deal as he's a busy guy. But I dare say that he was very enthusiastic about our wine school initiative so I believe we are confirmed for next year's edition when Rick Steves readers will also receive a special student discount at our school!
Viva Rick Steves!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Logo! For application coming up about Tuscan Wineries...

Isn't this "ape" cute??? So, I'm happy to announce that I am working on an I-phone / I-pad application to the very best Tuscan wineries....After more than 15 yrs in Tuscany, touring the country-side learning about the local products, getting to know the colorful characters behind the scenes...I'll now finally be sharing my Tuscan acquaintances with all of you! So check back soon for the final result! The application will give access to all the special Tuscan places with a lot of advantages that I can't reveal yet...