Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vendemmia 2011 - from plant to barrel in a few hours...

This morning we harvested. Or should I say "they did", because I was leisurely carrying around the baby while documenting this culminating moment of the year with my camera, being nothing more than a moral support (and hopefully not a nuisance) to the hard working harvesters.
The harvest moment is truly magical as it is not just the picking of the fruit, but the togetherness and result of all the events through the year; so the pruning, the selection, the green harvesting, the weather conditions, the wild boars, and what not... That's what makes it so important and such a joyful moment - especially if the year is a good one like this one has been.
The most relaxing moment is lunch under a tree consisting of simple panini (sandwiches) with porchetta and a glass of red. Nothing tastes better and no moment is more peaceful. A few Tuscan jokes are thrown around between the elder and the younger and lunch finishes with a classical schiacciata all'uva (grape cake only prepared this time of year).
We follow the grapes to the cantina (cellar) where they get destemmed and then are hosed into the barrels. Finally these grapes will start braking and the natural yeast will start to eat the sugars....can't wait to see the quality of the wine over the next few weeks.
Enjoy this 3-minute video of our morning....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

App on Tuscan Wine Touring is available on Itunes for Ipad and Iphone

It took a little while to write the App, but I'm proud to announce the release of this first version. Please check it out and tell wine friends who are planning a trip to Tuscany. The App is intended to help the individual travelers heading to Tuscany and wanting to go visit the Tuscan wine regions. There are tips on which wineries are the best to visit with info about where they are located, when they are open to visit, whether you need to take an appointment or not, and price per person for tastings and tours.
Happy travels with Tuscany Wineries with Rebecca Wine!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A wine for a son

And so it happens when you don't expect to become a parent and then suddenly the blessing hits you. Your life suddenly extends further than yourself to a future that you will not even be part of... And actions are hence done not just for yourself but for that generation that will carry it all on.

Our project of the wine started in this manner with the birth of Julian. It seemed only obvious to make a wine that he would be able to celebrate with when he reaches adulthood, especially because we have a wine maker in the family. The idea would be to call the wine SuJu which in phonetic Italian would mean UpDown, symbolizing life's path, and the importance of the vineyards elements; sun (up) and soil (down). Too deep?! Never mind....the wine will hopefully be great.

Right now the grapes are benefitting from a hot summer with numerous hrs of sunshine. The wild boar and deer have also found out how delicious the grapes are so we have a little problem of grape reduction :-(

Harvest is predicted to the second half of September. Let's just hope it'll be before our wedding and not on the day. Otherwise all the guests will have to help picking!!!