Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuscan Pasta School

I'm now in my 8th month of pregnancy and am pretty much confined to the 4 walls...while my wonderful husband caters for my every need and carries on the businesses. Can't complain. Luckily I have my laptop or I would probably go crazy considering the intelligence level of entertainment on Italian tv. So am working cleaning up computer (oih!) and made a new web-site dedicated to pasta classes.
In fact, together with my colleagues at restaurant Officina della Cucina Popolare we have decided to launch Tuscany's first cooking school dedicated to the preparation of pasta. 
I think the idea is really cute...every Monday and Wednesday morning our chef Matteo will be doing these pasta making classes for a max of 10 people. The students will learn how to prepare 3 different kinds of pastas and then, of course, after preparing them have lunch and eat what they've prepared. 
In fact, since I don't know how to make pasta myself I should probably sign up for a class sooner or later...whenever I get a minute between babies and wining - LOL!
Anyway, I highly recommend our Tuscan Pasta School - it'll be lots of fun and is very reasonable!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tuscan Wine School in Florence OPEN!!!

Finally, we're open with classes every afternoon in English with the very best wines of Tuscany in tasting! The school is located in my favorite part of the city, called the Oltrarno, so on the Southern side of the Arno River - the address is Via de' Bardi 23R. Here's a quick little video that I put together from my morning walk through Firenze today - hope you enjoy!