Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today was a FRUIT day in the Biodynamic calendar, so my husband went to bottle our Jollie 2011 wine at our friends' biodynamic winery here in Colle Val d'Elsa. The wine is ready to be bottled and we need to empty our barrels for the '12 harvest in about 2 weeks or so...
Pierre has lived up to my challenge that I gave him when we first met. And I'm as curious as can be!
He was the leading wine maker of a huge cellar in Bordeaux when we met and made award winning wines. I asked him if he felt up to making a wine by hand and without the use of excessive additives. Indeed, he's worked the vineyard totally by hand, spraying only copper and sulfer in tiny amounts when necessary (all allowed by organic methods) and in the wine the only additive was a few sulfites - the total quantity in the wine is less than 50 mg per liter (less than half of what is allowed by organic certifications). And the wine is totally delicious and stable for aging. I'm so excited!!!
Here are the numbers:
Total of regular size bottles produced: 1350 (112 cases) - plus about 10 magnums (reserved for our sons).
It's hard to say when the wine is going to be ready for selling. We definitely need to wait for the bottle aging which may take months. I estimate Christmas time, but of course it's up to my husband's better judgement when the wine will be ready to come out. In the meanwhile, I'll be testing it for you every week to see how it evolves :)