Saturday, October 27, 2012

Olive Oil Cake

Yeah, it's olive oil harvest season and that means that our fantabulous fresh, green, Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil is just about to hit the shelves! I can't decide if the grape harvest or the olive oil harvest excites me the most, but it's a close run up. As always, we are willing to share the goodness of our Tuscan Olive Oil and can ship it around the world. Just check out our web-site
Our olive oil is hand picked from green olives, pressed the same day, the press is one of the most sophisticated presses in Tuscany providing us prime quality olive oil full of goodness (vitamins, antioxidants and green aromas). We collaborate with Franco Bardi who's a renowned producer in the area of Siena.

In the theme of olive oil, I wanted to share the ingredients of the Tuscan Olive Oil Cake which is made and served daily at Dario Cecchini (the famous butcher in Panzano):
White flour (1 kg)
White sugar (1 kg)
10 eggs
Lots of great olive oil (!)
Baking powder
Pine nuts
Raisins (soak them in grappa first)
1 organic orange chopped in really fine pieces (peel inclusive)
By the way, I don't have the exact quantities on everything so you'll have to try your way to perfection - however, these are the ingredients revealed. ViolĂ !

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh, when the grapes go marching in....

Finally harvest has arrived after an arid summer. During a short visit to Southern Tuscany we've seen vineyards that went into hydric stress to preserve themselves, leaving their fruit unripened or dried out. We've had sleepless nights worrying about our vines, the deer and boars who've been helping themselves to the best of our grapes, furthermore the wine tours have been plentiful this year and add this to a teething baby - we're pretty tired about now ;)
But harvesting is exciting! A year comes to its culmination and each vintner tries to make the best of it.
Pierre harvested last Saturday. I was on turn at the wine school in Siena so I didn't get to participate :( But I certainly was with him in spirit! The vineyard is small and as mentioned this year we've lost quite a bit of crop to our natural neighbors. Can't complain though because despite the heat of the summer, we've not had problems of hydric stress.
Our wine Jollie 2012 presently made by Pierre (my wonderful husband) at the Colombaia winery in Colle Val d'Elsa will be of about a 1000 bottle edition - now starts the maturation process and we'll keep you posted on is progress. Jollie 2011 is now maturing in the bottle and will be ready to ship towards January 2013 so if you want to pre-order it go on our website:!

Enjoy these pictures from the harvest (our own harvest and that of our friends' wineries around here):

Last days of maturation of Sangiovese on the vines:
 Michael bringing in his grapes dropping them in the vibrating destemmer:
Stomping the grapes at Fattoria Corzano & Paterno:
 First day of fermentation:
 Arianna smells the results of the fermenting wine together with her 2 month old son:
 After the harvest of Jollie 2012 at the Colombaia winery with the help of great wwoof'ers.
Jollie is fermenting and the sons are getting to know their future wines.