Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cook Like a Tuscan Mamma!

Cooking classes for travelers in Italy is really really popular. Most people I've met over the years officially come to Italy for the art & history - but really they are on a FOOD & WINE mission, eating their way through the country. And what a shame not to take the experience of some Italian cooking back home!

The other day we went into Florence to finalize our new Tuscany activity: Cook Like a Tuscan Mamma. Personally I love wine & food, and I'm fascinated by people who can make either and magically have excellent end results (not quite the success-rate when I venture into the kitchen to fetch dinner!).

In Tuscany there's a myriad of people offering cooking classes out there, so my idea is to scout out the best Mammas and Papas - to sort of certify the quality by my standards. Perhaps I should explain that better so it doesn't sound like I'm completely full of myself. I apply the same sort of analytic criteria I look at when I go to restaurants or wineries these days. I judge for myself whether the foods are fresh, seasonal and of high quality. If I love the ambience or not - clean & cozy. If the people are educated, personable and friendly. 

And, of course, I'ld say fundamental for a cooking class is to participate in the cooking and to discuss ingredients and cooking methods, so one ends up having a great experience and new skills (and a full belly!). 

I'll leave you with some appetizing photos of our Tuscan Mamma in Florence. The web-site to book a class is: If you know of any phenomenal cooking classes in Tuscany that you think I should know of, email me on!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let 2013 begin...

New Years to me feels like getting a new chance in life. We now get to look forward to 365 blank days in the calendar and fill them up with events that make up our future. It's so exciting to plan for and to see what other events destiny might have in hand for us.

Our holidays in Italy were marked by relax, lots of foods and cozy family time. And, of course, we had plenty of occasions to try out our new Jollie wine - Yum!

Website for our wine: 

Here's my annual picture of the kiddos. This year with the addition of little Ollie on the left. Louise is in the middle holding the bottle of Jollie - and Ju is on the right not at all interested in the camera...