Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February - Chianti Classico Collection

It is wine trade show time in Tuscany. It starts with the anteprime Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (always the same days!) then it's Chianti Classico Collection time in Florence at Stazione Leopolda and it ends with Brunello di Montalcino. The events are organised by the Consortiums of the regions and wineries may participate if they please (actually quite a lot opt not to). Those who do can bring their regional wines (so the free IGT wines are not really on show) and can bring the new vintages even if not yet released nor in bottle (so barrel samples). 
It's a great occasion for us winos to say hello to wineries we know and to ones we may want to get to know more of...and, of course, to taste wines side by side comparing one producer to another is kind of fun, too. 
So how do you get in? You're really supposed to be of the trade...but where there is a huge wine passion there is a way. Contact the Consortiums (see links above) a few months before the shows (so November - December) and beg...

Step 1: receive a glass and wear it around your neck in a fashionable glass-holder!

If you are VIP, you may get to sit here and taste (but profs spit so that's not much fun)

Riikka-Sofia - our wine school Sommelier - so cute!

Here we are ready to attack the wineries!

Tasting the new vintage at Monte Bernardi with Jennifer & Michael

Super happy Federica from Volpaia doing business

You'll meet Silvia normally at Corzano & Paterno where we go on our Super Chianti tour. Here she's showing the DOP Chianti Classico olive oils from 2014. A few good ones even if the harvest was bad.

Bumping into Bernardo who's been tasting all day (I assume by the color of his teeth!), winery consultant & Grape Tours tour guide!