Saturday, April 25, 2015

Meet me in Tuscany!

So our season has taken off big time and we're already super busy. That means I'll be blogging a bit less, but I'll try and get back on here once in a while with a bit of news.

In the meanwhile I look forward to meeting future guests. This year you'll meet me on Tasty Tuscany and Wines & Villas! New tours that I'm super excited about and featuring some of the best Tuscan wineries & food artisans. Hard job, but someone's gotta do it :)))

A spring photo of the family - self not included - someone has to take the photo! From left to right: Louise (12), Oliver (3), Julian (4) & hubby Pierre. Landscape around picture is Volterra.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Favorite Wineries: Monte Bernardi, the bellybutton of Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico is in the heart of Chianti, and Monte Bernardi is the bellybutton of it. As you drive through the Chiantigiana road, say from the North to the South, you'll hit Monte Bernardi a few minutes' drive after you leave Panzano.
Conveniently on the road you can stop by and taste delicious wines produced in a biodynamic way by Michael. Maybe you'll find his sis Jennifer, his dad Willy or perhaps Claudia - a "local girl" from Venezuela now settled in Chianti - and the second great thing about this estate (first being that the wines are yummy) is that everyone speaks an impeccable English and has the flair for entertaining people. 
If you contact Monte Bernardi ahead of time (always recommendable) you can set up a tour for a reasonable fee, and see the vineyards & cellars. If you're not much of a planner, no worries, you can always stop in for a taste of the delicious wines. 

Just a few minutes' away (direction Radda in Chianti) there's a small road side restaurant that you shouldn't miss. It's called Le Panzanelle and in what has become a very touristy region this place seems to have kept its local flair and is hence also recommended by the locals. Hereunder you can see a few appetising photos from a lunch we had here last year during spring.

And then time to North of Monte Bernardi and take a turn towards Radda in Chianti after around 500 yards.
Then drive a few kilometres and you'll find this restaurant on the left hand side as soon as you get to a cluster of houses.