Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lambrusco revival!

One of the things I love the most are improvised visits to wineries that we discover along the way. Since we've had the kids the way we travel is mainly by car (simply because all the stuff that is needed!) so in driving back to Tuscany from Piedmont we stopped around Modena where food is heavenly - and it happened to be lunch time!
During lunch we had a delightful bottle of local Lambrusco. You heard of Lambrusco before? You're right, it's not exactly known to be the most phenomenal wine of Italy. Firstly it's an easy wine to remember because it's both the name of the wine grape (native to Emilia Romagna) and of the wine, usually made in a slightly fizzy version. In the past it was mass produced in a sweet version, exported, and contributed to the cheap reputation Italian wine got during the 70'ies. 
Nowadays, there's a revival (generally of native grapes) and together with better wine making techniques & a market of curious wine drinkers this wine is now getting to levels better than ever.
We surely enjoyed our visit to the winery called Podere il Saliceto. I completely forgot my nice camera, but thankfully the Iphone doesn't do such a bad job :)

When in the area, do stop in to eat at Ristorante Laghi (right off of the highway and next to a few lakes). You wouldn't believe by the look of the place how well you could eat!!!