Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuscany in a bottle - renewed!

We are now getting to the end of a great season and are looking so much forward to the next one!
As we are always going to try to improve our service, our novelty for 2016 is that we've opened up a little wine shop in Florence where we can also meet our wine tour guests, display the great products of our passionate wine producers and ship out the same great products later if anyone feels a necessity of tasting those wonderful wines again.

Tuscany in a Bottle is in Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini 27r, and the website is www.tuscanyinabottle.com. We ship wines to the EU & USA, and other products are also available from time to time. We shall update as soon as we've got a novelty so keep checking back for special deals!

Do come see us if you're around Florence (perhaps email us in advance to know that you'll be passing by!)