Saturday, February 27, 2016

Grape Tours' 2016 season starting with the greatest team of wine experts ever!

Here we are, at least most of us, a few people missing - and then me, taking the photo (but as you may notice I got my glass of wine!). This is the Grape Tours team for 2016 - a bunch of fun loving wine professionals from wine makers, to wine traders, sommeliers, journalists & food specialists. Never has our team been so complete and fantastic - and beautiful!

Wine lovers & travellers come forth - we are expecting you in Florence or Siena

(from the left: Pierre, Ilaria, Matteo, Jessica, Bernardo, Katherine, Aasa & Tom)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Essential Guide to Touring Tuscany's Wineries - by Rebecca Wine, of course :)

The former APP I developed a few years ago is now off of Itunes "Tuscany Wineries with Rebecca Wine" has closed off due to company changes at the provider. So I've taken the info, updated it a bit and will continue posting winery info on wineries I think you might enjoy visiting with some helpful info for the English speaking visitor. As it is a blog you can't view it off-line, so you'll need service even when over here to check the info (but of course most hotels and restaurants nowadays have free wifi).

If you view by label you can sort by region you would like to visit with a list of the wineries.

The blog address is - enjoy and do come with feedback if you have info to share about the wineries or find incorrect info.