Sunday, January 19, 2020

2015 Brunello on release - at Casanova di Neri in Montalcino

The 2015 Brunello vintage is now being released (after the obligatory 5 calendar years of ageing) and is being presented by around 160 wineries at the much-celebrated event in February Benvenuto Brunello (anyone can join - tickets can be purchased online on the Consorzio website). There is much anticipation as the vintage '15 was rated 5 ⭐️ - a welcomed rating after a difficult 2014 vintage.

We follow winemaker Giovanni Neri as he shows us his wonderful family winery in Montalcino, Casanova di Neri. The winery has earned multiple awards and carries a great name among the prestigious Brunello producers, all whilst keeping a humble work ethic with the simple goal of making the best possible Sangiovese wines.